Taikoyaku Stormtrooper x Tamashii Nations

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When I went to the Tokyo Toy Show, the Star Wars x Tamashii Nations and the Toy Story Super Robot Chogokin were the items that caught most of my attention.

I have managed to purchase the one of two Star Wars figures I was most interested plus one that I found had really good detail that I didn’t notice at the Toy Show. Luckily this week while at Nakano Broadway, I found an already used Taikoyaku (battle drum) Stormtrooper. Being used, I not only saved about 40% off the price, but it was already open so I had no bad feelings about taking it out of its box.

The last time I bought toys was about 10 years ago but my general observation is that they have all become less detailed and lower quality. Especially from my younger days when a lot of toys were die-cast metal, so seeing high-quality toys in Japan was both surprising and refreshing.

I should probably refer to these toys as figures. They are not meant to be designed but more displayed. With figures like this, the price starts at around ¥5,000 ($50).

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  • Highly detailed and historically accurate
  • Posable with many points of articulation
  • Retains the pose
  • Optional configurations with swappable hands and other accessories


  • Expensive
  • You can’t display them without some accessories attached as the mounting holes will be exposed

I was happy to be able to buy these Star Wars figures and get this one at a discounted price.

The series is called Movie Realization designed by Tamashii Nations and produced by Bandai.



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