Shibuya Halloween

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Halloween in Shibuya is a special day. A day when people can get dressed up as their favorite character and join thousands of other like minded individuals.

The night starts around 8 pm with the police already controlling The Scramble intersection. They have to use ropes to control the crowds as they cross because if they weren’t there, none of the traffic would be able to go. Remember, this is not a sanctioned event by any organization, especially the city of Shibuya.

As the night continues, the people get a bit more adventurous and some start sleeping off their booze in the back alleys. At around 11 pm, a group of volunteers, all who dressed up, begin the task of cleaning up Shibuya. If it was not for them, I am sure the local businesses and community would work hard to ban the event in the future. By the next morning, you would never know that anything from the ordinary happened the night before.

If you are traveling back home by train, the trains will be packed. Even taxis will be difficult to get so just plan for he possibility of spending the night in a 24 hour cafe or roaming around.

Enjoy the gallery below. Some were featured on Tokyo Cheapo but many (especially the riskier ones) are only posted here.

Gallery – article continued below.


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