Sanja Matsuri

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The Sanja Matsuri is one of three major Shinto festivals in Tokyo. This one has a bit of notoriety due to its participants supposedly being yakuza.

The matsuri is a big draw for both tourists and locals alike. Easily accessible at Asakusa Shrine means it gets crowded.

There are several dozen mikoshi that are transported throughout the neighborhoods each with their own group of wadaiko and flutes.

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The main action is inside Asakusa Shrine. As the event is all-day, if you want to get a good view, just wait for a pause between sessions.

If you want to experience more of matsuri, explore the back streets surround Asakusa Shrine. You may be able to spot people sporting colorful tattoos, taiko performances, geisha and you might even be recruited to help carry a mikoshi.



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