D1GP Rd6 2015

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As I made my way from Tokyo Teleport Station, the familiar sound of squealing tires echoing off the surrounding buildings instantly brought me back to the days when I participated in the motorsport called drifting. I will spare you the lecture on what drifting is and what it isn’t except for it is not what you saw in that movie. Instead, I’ll give you a walk-through of D1 Tokyo Drift in Odaiba that took place over the weekend.

Most motorsports events are held out in remote areas far away from complaining ears, but D1 Tokyo Drift located at Odaiba NOP makes it really easy to access. D1 Grand Prix events occur a few times a year, so be sure to check the schedule for its return to Tokyo (or other areas of Japan). Admission cost is really about what you want/can afford to pay. There are varying prices for reserved seats, but it’s not necessary to reserve to still enjoy the event.

D1 Grand Prix events usually consist of a large vendor area, food stalls, show-car area and stunt area. This general area is free to enter. Also in the general area, the stunt bikers perform periodically and some of the teams will bring their cars out to display. You will also probably be able to spot the motocross freestylers.

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The event is big, but still small enough where fans can walk the paddock, meet their favorite drivers and get up close to the cars.

In between the drifting, there are stunt riders and motocross freestylers. Some of the tricks will take your breath away.

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There were fans in attendance from many different parts of the world. The Russian presence was really noticeable as many came to support famous drifter Gocha.

There was of course drifting. If you have never experienced it in person, I recommend it as it will hit all of your senses. If you don’t want to pay, you might be able to find a spot where you can view the action for free—but probably from a good distance away.


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