2016 Kansai Allstar Drift GP

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I had the opportunity to photograph the 2016 Kansai Allstar Drift GP for Driving Line and you can read the article and view all the images at drivingline.com.

All images and every thought can’t get published so here are some of the things that I feel like mentioning:

Origina Labo Roadster Hi-aces

Origina Labo Roadster Hi-aces

Special thanks to Mr. Negi with Origin Labo for picking me up from the hotel and driving me to Meihan – also thanks for the bento.

Fins & Ziek Power

Fins & Ziek Power

It was great seeing how far the Fins drift team has come and also how strong Ziek Power’s presence was. The cars at Meihan haven’t changed all that much.


RYO & Mon Power

RYO has to have some of the hottest graphics on their cars. I have been a big fan and it was great to see their cars in person.



I am a bit disappointed in myself that this shot didn’t come out. It was awesome watching the Daihatsu Mira L712S three-wheeling!

Sparking the wall.

Sparking the wall.

My biggest joy was watching Mr. Ueshima scraping his wing splitter on the wall. The sound and sight of it was very entertaining. The wing is positioned perfectly for the mounted splitter to scrape the top of the wall.

Make sure to go visit Driving Line and drop them a like so that they will continue covering the event.

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